Class Preparation- Studio Visits

How to Prepare For Studio Visits

    1. Things are a little different these days with world conditions. Some of these steps are hopefully temporary. Our studio cleaning is daily and thorough. We’re disinfecting surfaces throughout the day like door handles, counter surfaces and other things we would commonly reach out and touch. We have 3 locations in our space with lavender hand sanitizer.
    2. Read this from the Oregon Health Authority and Yoga OMazing before you plan any of your visits to the studio.
    3. We’re asking students to make purchases online for their class packages as much as possible to reduce retail transactions with our staff at the front desk.
    4. We are limited to the number of students allowed in the classroom. So social distancing is built it. Please sign up for classes in advance if you can.
    5. If you have your own prop sets, we strongly encourage you to bring them to use. We will have props available though.
    6. Please bring in your own filled water bottle. For the time being, we will not have water available for you. We hope to get a touch-less water dispensing unit, but until we get that, our water dispenser will not be available for use.
    7. Please wash your hands with soap and warm water immediately before and after your visits here.

Notes About Scheduling Classes Online

    1. You will only see the sign up buttons for classes for the coming 14 days. So your ability for scheduling weeks in advance will be limited.
    2. For each class, 2 classes will be shown for the same time slot. One will be for students coming to the studio for class. The other is for the LIVE STREAM. So please be sure you’re signing up for the right one.
    3. Please cancel a class you have scheduled in advance if you can’t make it. We’re trying to eliminate no-shows where we have an empty place on the floor that others could have used. So we’re asking, please be diligent with the way you are planning your visits. This will be so appreciated.

We Look Forward To Seeing You! When You Arrive-

    1. We are asking that you wear a protective face mask from the front entry door to your yoga mat or the massage therapy room. From there yoga students are free to remove their face coverings.
    2. We will have face masks for you at the front entry if you need one. If you have one, please bring yours to use.
    3. Enjoy your visit!