Yoga OMazing | In-Studio Classes and Workshops

Starting Your Practice at Yoga OMazing

In-Person Class Prep

-Be sure to sign-up in advance
-Bring your own mat and bottled water
-Before class, grab our yoga props the teacher recommends
-Entry door will lock; please be on your mat at class start time

Other Notes

-Purchase yoga passes online for easy check-in
-Yoga mats are available for rent for $2/class
-Check out our massage therapy room while you visit
-We have Manduka eKO yoga mats for sale

Classes for All Levels

-Restorative Lounge
-Gentle Yoga
-Vinyasa 1- Basics
-Slow Flow & Restore
-All Levels Vinyasa

Classes for the More Advanced

-Vinyasa 1.5
-Vinyasa 2.0
-Hot Power Vinyasa
-Sunrise Vinyasa

$59 for our Yoga OMazing 21-Day Introductory Pass

-Start any time; meet our teachers and try our different class styles
-This special offer is for local residents who are 1st time visitors

Other Studio Notes

-Room temperature for our hot yoga classes runs between 85 and 90 degrees

3-Week Yoga Beginners Series

Start your yoga journey with others new to yoga

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