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Christine Day

Grew up in: Tualatin, OR
Song that moves me: I will never turn off a Dolly Parton song, she is ultimate girl power.
What I’m reading: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the Baghavad Gita
What’s in my cup: Usually Water! Straight up.. I love the White Peony tea served at Yoga OMazing as well
Favorite beach: Cannon Beach and the North Shore of Oahu
Teaches: Hatha Yoga and the Yoga 5-Week Beginners Series

Yoga started as a way to help find a connection with my toddler and help him to calm his big feelings. 12 years later it has become a way of life and this practice helps me find harmony everyday. I love to work with students of all ages and watching a student light up with a new yoga discovery is my favorite part of teaching!

I am dedicated to helping students balance the physical and subtle practice of yoga so they can take the benefits in yoga off their mat and into their everyday life. My current yoga obsession is Pranayama. I love studying the nuances of yogic energy and breath! Life at home is busy for me with 3 boys, 15, 5 and 12 months 🙂 We are always on the go exploring outside and finding lots of time for play!

I love to tell all my new students that the best thing I found in yoga was trust. I now trust myself enough to listen to my body and I value that knowledge in my practice everyday

achieved my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Joy Marsh at Amrita Yoga School in 2012 and have been teaching at Yoga OMazing since 2013. I also have my Yoga Teacher Certification in Prenatal Yoga.

Jess Bonner

Grew up in: Irvine, CA
Song that moves me: Old Times by Amtrac
What I’m reading: The Puppy Listener because I am a brand new puppy mom 🙂
What’s in my cup: A green smoothie
Favorite beach: Hug Point Beach, OR
Teaches: Vinyasa

I started practicing yoga in high school while running cross-country. As a former competitive gymnast, I instantly felt a sense of familiarity at my first yoga class. After finishing college, I wanted to learn more about yoga, so I enrolled in my first teacher training in Seattle in 2015. Since then I have completed two different 200-hour teacher trainings in vinyasa and hot power yoga styles. 

I started teaching at Yoga OMazing in April 2017, which was towards the end of my first year of Optometry school.  As a busy optometry student, I felt like life finally slowed down while teaching and practicing yoga and the studio easily became my “safe place” from the daily stressors as a graduate student. I have since graduated from Optometry school and am now a practicing Optometrist in the greater Portland area. 

Outside of yoga and Optometry, you could find me gardening, hiking, wine-tasting, paddle-boarding, white water rafting, or spending time with my two adorable cats (Jada and Willy) and my new St. Bernard puppy (Georgie).

Gaye Reed

Grew up in: Reno, NV
Song that moves me: Courage to Change by Sia and We are the Champions by Queen
What I’m reading: Rising Strong by Brene Brown & Emotional Detox by Boyle
What’s in my cup: A fizzie!!!! Or hot tea with a fizzy. They are life.
Favorite beach: Poipu on Kauai
Teaches: Vinyasa

I have been teaching various levels and styles of Yoga for 18+years. I came upon Yoga by accident. I was teaching Turbo Kickboxing at a gym and the yoga instructor was out sick and I was asked to sub – the rest is history. Coming from a background of dance and various sports – I love to integrate and create different types of movement and messages into what might be a traditional yoga asana or flow.

I find so much joy in helping yogis at all levels find the balance between effort and ease, power and peace in every pose. I am an ERYT 200 hr. yoga instructor and recently became a certified Breathwork Coach. I will always be expanding and learning in my practice. Alongside teaching Yoga I have my own wellness business where I can further integrate all things wellbeing (mind, body, spirit, life). I also am a manager at Starbucks  – yes I love to keep busy.

My purpose in life is to ripple out kindness and to be and to encourage inclusinveness in all areas of my life. My husband, Mike and I have been married for over 30 years and we have to adult daughters (one living in Texas with her husband and the other in Nashville). Our fur baby – Bella is our english bulldog that we love haning out with.  My other love language (besides my family and yoga) is traveling.  Love learning about people and cultures around the world – travel brings us all closer together.

For the new Yogis – don’t hesitate – get on the mat.  For the experienced Yogis and all in between…don’t hesitate – get on the mat. It’s a place where all are welcome, all are seen and heard. There is no judgement, no criticism – just our willingness to be present and breathe

Kate Lessard

Grew up in: Oconomowoc, WI (Go Pack Go!)
Song that moves me: Waka Waka by Shakira
What I’m reading: The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton (hilarious)
What’s in my cup: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! 
Favorite beach: I’m new to Oregon so I’m still exploring, but thus far Rockaway Beach
Teaches: Vinyasa

As a former ballet dancer, I have always been drawn to exercise that focuses on alignment. I was initially drawn to barre because of its alignment focus and taught barre and HIIT classes at Ohana Yoga + Barre in Denver, CO for several years. When teaching at the studio, I found herself taking more and more yoga classes, and fell in love with yoga both as a physical and spiritual practice.

I used yoga to recover from old dance injuries and it became part of her daily routine. After arriving in Oregon, I got certified through YoYoYogi and have been teaching ever since. My classes feature a fun playlist, upbeat energy, and focus on finding your strength- inside and out!

When not teaching, I work in tech and enjoy reading and hiking with my husband and three pups.

Megan Gallardo

Grew up in: Long Beach, CA
Song that moves me: “Witness Me” by Jacob Collier
What I’m reading: Age of Vampires by Caroline Peckman
What’s in my cup: matcha powder, heavy cream, monk fruit sugar and a splash of rose water 
Favorite beach: Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA
Teaches: Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative

I am currently exploring new ways and expressions of movement in healing from a severe spinal injury. I have shifted my practice of the last 6 years to be in this new version of my body.

My mantras in relation to my practice these days are “sustainability,” “compassion,” and “honesty.”  To any new yogi, or my current/future students, I offer this perspective to you: The journey of yoga is so unique. There is no “one” way to move. This is an invitation to come onto your own mat, into your own body and allow yourself to feel the practice with every part of you. Allow your breath to be the bridge between your mind, your body and your soul. Know that All of you is welcome

Cindy Stockdale

Grew up in: North Vancouver, BC Canada
Song that moves me: I love everything classical to electronica
What I’m reading: Zodiac Academy
What’s in my cup: Coffee and Protein Hot Chocolate
Favorite beach: Mombassa, Kenya
Teaches: Vinyasa, Hatha and Gentle Yoga

My passion in life is to explore the great mystery and to connect deeply with others. These desires have led me to degrees in Psychology and Archaeology as well as in depth study of Yoga, Shamanism, and Energy Work. I’ve been teaching yoga for over 19 years and exploring Shamanism for over 15. These mystery schools are essentially journeys of remembering; there is a call that is answered and through practice an incredible truth is revealed and ultimately the remembrance of unity, wholeness and love.

My call is to create a strong, loving space for others so that they may unveil their deepest truths and then reflect these back to them so they may rise. Yoga is a lifelong study, the best thing for all students beginner or seasoned, is to approach yourself and others with loving kindness. Every day on the mat is different.

Stay in the beginner’s mind so you can drop your expectations, judgements, and personal narratives, and be open to wonder and unbridled joy

Zuzana Barilova

Grew up in: Brno, Czech Republic
Song that moves me: Falling Slowly by Markéta Irglová and Glen Hansard
What I’m reading: Czech English Dictionary
What’s in my cup: Italian Espresso Con Panna makes my mornings!
Favorite beach: Barrigona Beach, Costa Rica
Teaches: Vinyasa & Hatha

I discovered yoga working at a television studio in Europe. Years and years into sometimes challenging roles as news anchor, tv producer and also being with my little kids, I just needed to exercise and relax. And yoga is a really sophisticated system for both mindfulness and wellbeing in our body. I truly love sports! Horseback riding, running, skiing, swimming…. But yoga is something more. I love to help students to find balance, strength, energy and motivation.

I achieved my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga Brno Academy and started teach Kids Yoga and Power Flow Yoga. Now I find enthusiastic and challenging ways to lead Vinyasa, Hot or Hatha Yoga classes at Yoga OMazing, which means everything to me after moving to Oregon!

Rebecca Duarte

Grew up in: Ithaca, NY and State College, PA
Song that moves me: Sat Narayan by Guru Ganesha Singh and Snatum Kaur.
What I’m reading: For fun, light reading I’ve been binging on mysteries
What’s in my cup: French or Italian Roast coffee 
Favorite beach: A beautiful black sand beach on the Road to Hana in Maui
Teaches: Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga

I discovered yoga after college and practiced sporadically for years. Later on, the combination of living with two preschoolers (now 12 and 15) and discovering the 8 limbs of yoga began to bring me to the mat regularly which eventually led me to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Santosha Yoga. I love offering different variations of poses to my students and seeing how each student makes the practice their own.

Currently, I’m working on learning more about how yoga can contribute to spine and hip health, allowing us to enjoy lifelong mobility and ease in our bodies. I’m also continuing to learn from the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar – it is incredibly inspiring to see the impact of the wisdom he gained from a life spent devoted to the practice and teaching of yoga. The more I learn about him, the more I realize the extent to which his contributions shaped the yoga we practice today and made it more accessible to more people.

I enjoy learning from teachers who beautifully blend the Iyengar Yoga focus on alignment with the fluidity and creativity of Vinyasa yoga.

I hope that, through their practice, all yogis strengthen the connection between their mind, body, and spirit and that this heightened connection leads to feeling comfortable in their own bodies and confident with who they are, and allows for a stronger connection between themselves, other people, and the natural world

Martina Zhekov

Grew up in: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Song that moves me: Pacific Coast Highway by The Hip Abduction
What I’m reading: The Empath Experience by Sydney Campos
What’s in my cup: An iced vanilla oat milk latte with caramel drizzle
Favorite beach: Sarti Beach, Greece
Teaches: Restorative, Hatha and Vinyasa 

IMy yoga journey began during my early 20s as a means to quiet the busy world around me. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion which continuously kept calling my soul. I love exploring the different styles of yoga with the intent of expanding my knowledge, practice and spirituality. My yoga journey has guided me through emotional and spiritual healing which has helped elevate my awareness, life perception and overall well-being.

I grew up in a small country nestled in the heart of the Balkans in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria is a culturally enriched country with mountainous terrain that reaches the beaches of the Black Sea. After living in several different countries, my family and I settled in beautiful Oregon in 2012. I love being outdoors and enjoy many activities such as hiking, paddle boarding and camping.

After working in healthcare as a certified ophthalmic technician, I decided to follow my passion and explore new opportunities in teaching yoga. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2022 and am currently registered with The Yoga Alliance. My evolving teaching style includes Vinyasa, Hatha, gentle and Yin yoga.

Through guided meditation, I allow my students the opportunity to let go of their ego and connect to the observer within. Yoga isn’t about getting into the perfect pose or even touching your toes. Yoga is having the ability to quiet the mind by connecting to your inner self.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Jessica Hughes

Grew up in: Upstate NY
Song that moves me: Stronger by Britney Spears
What I’m reading: Graceling Realm by Kristin Cashore and Your Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark
What’s in my cup: If it is before noon, probably black coffee. Otherwise water, or electrolytes after hot yoga
Favorite beach: Gleneden Beach, OR
Teaches: Vinyasa, Restorative and Hatha

I have been practicing yoga consistently for about 4 years and in that time, it has helped bring me strength, relaxation, and confidence, all of which I’m excited to share in my teaching. I love teaching (and practicing) lots of different styles including vinyasa and hot power vinyasa, yin and restorative, and more recently, hatha. I especially enjoy teaching beginner-friendly classes that offer many options for people of varying ability.

I love using blocks and other props, both to make poses more accessible or more challenging. In my own practice, I’m working on strength and moving towards arm balances and inversions, but also balancing this with being patient and kind to my body by incorporating regular restorative postures (current favorite: legs up the wall pose).

Outside of yoga, I like hiking, backpacking, fantasy novels, nature documentaries, and cats. To all the new students out there, I encourage you to keep an open mind, try multiple styles of yoga with multiple instructors, and find gratitude for the person you are today. You are worth it and I hope to see you on your yoga journey!

Lana Vilches

Grew up in: I grew up in southeast Portland, land of incredible coffee, hipster vibes, and bicycles everywhere
Song that moves me: Anything from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
What I’m reading: The Gifts of Imperfection, from the wonderful author Brene Brown
What’s in my cup: Hazelnut Latte from Barista
Favorite beach: Cannon Beach at the Oregon Coast for us locals, and favorite destination beach is Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Hawaii
Teaches: Restorative Lounge and Slow Flow & Restore

I’m a mom, yogi and Portland native, who loves teaching restorative and hatha yoga. I am often found hiking, enjoying down time with my family and friends and in search of the best sushi in town. 

 I am an avid reader, podcast listener and seeker of all things related to reaching our highest potential. 

In my own practice, I’ve been exploring ways to navigate emotions and healing through meditation and rest. I believe that the power of rest and restorative yoga is deeply nourishing and allows us to hold ourselves with kindness. 

I look forward to connecting with you in class soon!

Jill Baker

Grew up in: Rockaway Township, NJ; Louisville, KY and Kalamazoo, MI
Song that moves me: Glorious by Macklemore
What I’m reading: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach, The Psoas Book by Liz Koch, and a variety of novels available on Kindle Unlimited
What’s in my cup: Half-caff almond milk latte
Favorite beach: Indian Beach in Ecola State Park
Teaches: Vinyasa, Hatha and Gentle Yoga

Yoga for me was originally an escape from the stress of being a full-time working mom of twin babies. Those babies are now high-schoolers, and now that I am slightly less stressed out, I love to help others find a sense of balance that comes from a consistent yoga practice. I love to find a connection with my students and make yoga accessible and fun for all ages and ability levels. No judgement, no expectations and no competition.

I want to help you find that sweet spot where yoga is a complement to your already-full life. I teach classes with movement, breath work, fun flows and poses that encourage us to tap into our inner strength, be more mindful, connect to our bodies and love and care for ourselves, not just physically, but in all aspects of our lives.  In my own practice I am currently exploring the gentler practices of yoga and finding ways to slow down. Many of us have lives that are busy and stressful, and finding ways to incorporate some sacred pauses into our day is so important for our physical and mental health.

Oregon is my soul’s home, but I am a Michigan transplant who taught Hatha, Vinyasa and SUP yoga classes at my studio, Flow Yoga, in Plainwell, MI, for five years. I love being outdoors and in addition to yoga, consider hiking, cycling, SUP and kayaking to be forms of moving meditation. In my free moments you’ll also find me working out in my garage gym or exploring the Pacific Northwest in our travel trailer with my husband Aaron, twin boys Riley and Connor, and our English Shepherd Dusty. 

I am a registered yoga teacher E-RYT200 with the Yoga Alliance and have my 200hr certification through Yogafit, as well as a Lazy Dog Paddle Yoga Certification. I am currently continuing my yoga studies and working toward my ERYT500 certification in the Advanced Teacher training program at YoYo Yogi in Portland, Oregon.

Ellen MacKay

Grew up in: Galway, NY
Song that moves me: At Last by Etta James
What I’m reading: I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet by Shauna Niequist and 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand
What’s in my cup: Ice water or hot, black coffee
Favorite beach: Anna Maria Island in Florida
Teaches: Hatha and Vinyasa

I have spent the last 15 years sharing yoga with over 4000 hours of adapting postures to meet the needs of students in classes and private sessions, insight from leading six teacher trainings and one international yoga retreat. I’ve been on this journey with my husband, Brian, and two kids.  We recently moved to the PNW and are loving all of the new adventures as we explore our new home state.

My yoga journey is ever-evolving.  At the moment my focus is on finding balance and really working on my Yamas & Niyamas, more specifically Ahimsa and Satya.  How do I live my own truth while showing love to myself and the world around me.                           

Yoga has been an important part of my life since I began practicing in the early 2000’s.  It has shown up for me in my most difficult days and helped me to be present during the joys of my life.  I’m passionate about sharing all that yoga has to offer in hopes of empowering others to find their own balance!

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