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Crystal Sound Bath, June 7th with Laura Yee

Fridays at Yoga OMazing; $35 for this 90-minute sound healing experience

Laura Yee...Sound Healer

Immerse yourself in deep, penetrating, and healing sounds of 7 Crystal Bowls spanning the chakras, complemented by other sound healing instruments such as drum, rattle, chimes, shruti and voice. Class will consist of a short, guided meditation (pranayama, movement or mantra) followed by an extended Crystal Bowl Sound Bath. This sound healing experience will bring you on a journey that supports your physical and emotional well-being. Appropriate for all seeking stillness, relaxation, meditation, balance, connection, and healing of body, mind and spirit!


Laura Li Fong Yee offers sound healing from a place of gratitude, drawing from her practices in breath, sound, yoga, prayer and meditation. She values community, communication, connection, and inclusivity, and strives to create an experience that will leave participants feeling connected, grounded and whole. 


Preparation for your visit…Participants get comfortable on the floor. Bolsters and blankets are available at the studio while they last. Bringing your own props or comfort items is encouraged such as a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye pillow, shawl or sacred items. Yoga mats are available for rent for $2.00.

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