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Our Massage Therapist

Ellen Bass

Grew up in: Verona, WI
Song that moves me: Vienna by Billy Joel and anything by the wonderful Stevie Wonder
What I’m reading: I love a mystery novel!
What’s in my cup: Mochas are always my go-to
Favorite beach: Gulf Shores in Alabama

For My Clients…
I provide a range of modalities and often combine techniques that can better serve the person I am working with. My goal as a massage therapist is not only to encourage relaxation, but to also help with aches and pains you may be dealing with. I am a believer in how strongly the mind and body connect and how massage therapy can heighten our awareness to our bodies and promote healing.

My Massage Offerings…
I offer Deep Tissue/Trigger Point, Swedish, Sports Massage/Assisted Stretching, and Myofascial Release

My Massage Journey…
I have been a massage therapist for several years now in Madison, Wisconsin and I truly enjoy being a part of one’s healing and wellness journey. I have primarily worked in a more clinically-based environment and strived to help those experiencing physical and/or mental stress and pain.

Over the years I gained a deep knowledge of the body, as well as, a strong passion and interest to learn more about power of the mind-body connection. Bringing Yoga into my life also deepened that passion and interest. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now and I believe it is vital to my physical and mental well-being.

From my knowledge and growth as a massage therapist and incorporating the healing practice of yoga in my life, I decided to return to school to become a mental health counselor. I was recently accepted into Lewis & Clark and will be earning my masters in professional mental health counseling for this upcoming Fall of 2021.

I am very excited about this new chapter and truly believe that my “roots” as a massage therapist has inspired me to keep learning more and more about what really helps us heal and grow in our lifetimes.

I really look forward to meeting you and being apart of your journey of health and well-being.

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