Yoga Study Group

An Inward Looking Study of Yoga with Tom Wilson

Come join us for a Yoga Study Group. This study and discussion group, led by Tom Wilson, has the intention of expanding our individual understanding and practice of yoga and sharing our experiences with others. This is an ongoing study group where participants will be asked to commit to all 8 weeks to maintain continuity within the group.

Topics of discussion include-
~What does yoga mean to you?
~The history of yoga
~The 8 limbs of yoga
~Anatomy and philosophy of yoga
~Personal experience of yoga
~Yoga off the mat

Intended Class format-
~90 minutes overall
~A 5-minute centering meditation
~Participant's sharing their thoughts on the week's topics
~Students sharing at the end of each session any closing thoughts (i.e. what has resonated with them this session or during earlier yoga study sessions)
~10-minute closing Savasana

Recommended readings (not required)-
~The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Yoga by Deepak Chopra and David Simon
~Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater

Please sign-up in advance through our website. Space is limited! (enroll under the Workshops Tab when you are logged in).

About Tom Wilson.... Tom experiences his "beingness" as a seasoned perennial "student of life" and a philosopher with a thirsting beginner's mind. Yoga is a tool he uses to brush away the dust covering his true self, his true nature. As a resident of our planet Earth, he chooses to spend much of his time playing in this garden.

Since his youth, the words of wisdom that continues to make him smile are "remember as you travel along life's troubled road, pick up the donuts, but don't touch the hole".

April 21, 2018

Join us for this very special series!

Study Group Details

START DATE (Runs 8 Weeks)

April 21, 2018 through June 9, 2018


1:00 to 2:30 pm


Tom Wilson




Sign-Up In Advance Required; space is limited


Yoga mat and bottled water is helpful