Yoga Starts Here

For Beginners

Welcome to the world of yoga and meditation. Hopefully the information provided here will give you an idea what yoga is and what to expect on your first visit to the Yoga OMazing studio.

We've outlined below how to prepare for your first yoga class. Want a tour of the studio before joining us? Give us a call to arrange a visit and we'll show you around.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are many. So numerous that we'll only highlight some of the significant ones here. If you have physical limitations or any concerns about your health, consult with a physician to be sure yoga is right for you.

Results are for the taking. Come take a class and experience the world of yoga!

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Introductory 1-Month Unlimited Yoga for local residents for all regular yoga classes; Also enjoy a $69 Introductory 1-Hour Massage; Meet our teachers and practice Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative Lounge, Yin and Gentle Yoga.

5-Week Beginners Series Starts 4/11/20

Take our 5-Week Beginners Series with Laura to start your yoga practice with other beginners. All 5 weeks for $85. At the end you'll still get the chance to purchase the $49 Introductory Month of Yoga.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga, which means union, originated thousands of years ago in ancient India. Yoga will not be fully described here. For our purposes in short, yoga is a practice where the mind, body and spirit work in unison to improve our health and well being.

The principals of yoga most often practiced in the Western World are the asana (the physical practice of yoga) the pranayama (breathing), the dharana (concentration) and the dhyani (meditation).

There are additional principals of yoga to explore. And there's lot of very interesting historical data and in-depth information out there on what yoga means to people around the world. Some call yoga both an art and a science. Some consider it a spiritual discipline. Many people who practice yoga could not imagine their life without it.

Explore the world of yoga as deep as you like. Chances are you will make great discoveries about its benefits and about yourself!

Yoga Studies

Data from a number of studies in both the United States and India has been compiled into a nice graphic showing the benefits of yoga.

Studies included those from Harvard and University of California as well as universities in India.

We have outlined some of the benefits of yoga and meditation below but check out the infographic that Jan Diehm produced from the studies for the Huffington Post- Infographic

Your First Class

Scheduling Classes

After you purchase a class package, you can start signing up for classes online. Check our class descriptions for those recommended for beginners. We have a number of instructors at Yoga OMazing. Each has their own teaching style and personality. We hope you love them all, but you will have your favorites!

Pre-Class Diet

Try not to eat 2 to 3 hours before class and if eating a few hours before class, a light meal or snack is advised.

What to Wear

Wear loose fitting, breathable attire like you’d wear at a fitness center. A good source of typical clothing can be found on the Yoga Journal website. Find it here- Yoga Journal

What to Bring

Bring your yoga mat if you have one. If not, we'll have a complementary mat rental for your first visit to the classroom if you are a local resident and purchase an introductory package. We sell yoga mats at the studio. Bring bottled water if you like. Also a towel can be good if you work up a lather during class.

Arrival Time

Try to arrive at the studio 5 to 10 minutes early before the scheduled class time. If you need to purchase a class or class package, a 15 minute early arrival is recommended. Doors lock at class start time.

Before Entering Studio

We have a restroom right at our studio entry. Feel free to use that as a changing room if you need one. Please silence your cell phone at this point.

Checking In

If you have purchased one of our class packages, we will provide you with a membership card when you arrive. You can then scan in as you arrive for each class at our self check-in.

Before Entering Classroom

Always remove footwear before entering the classroom (barefoot is recommended; that should give you the best footing on your mat). We have a shoe port with cubbies for footwear and personal belongings. There are also coat hooks for hanging your things. NO CELL PHONES IN THE CLASSROOM.

The Classroom

Your teacher will advise you of any props (bolsters, blocks, straps or blankets) you may need during the class. Please be on your mat in a comfortable seated position before the class start time. Feel free to take a blanket to sit on for more comfort.

The Class

Listen to your teacher as she/he guides you through the class. If you feel you are behind the rest of the class, welcome to the beginners world! We all feel like we are behind the rest of the class when we first start. After taking a small handful of classes, you’ll start to feel like things are coming together for you. If you feel a need to take a break on your mat, child’s pose is often used to rest. You can find that here- Childs Pose Pictorial

Beginners Classes

Check out our class descriptions for classes that help you get started with yoga. A Hatha class or our Vinyasa Basics classes are good starting points.

Yoga Community

There is no finish line in yoga. And there is no "perfect" in yoga. We're all at different stages in life and in our yoga experience. We're all a work-in-progress and we're all in it together at Yoga OMazing.


You are on your way to an amazing life experience. Welcome to Yoga OMazing and the world of yoga!

Yoga & Meditation Benefits


Some of the first things you should notice from your yoga practice are improved flexibility and balance. Yoga poses can help loosen and stretch muscles. Some say I’m not flexible enough for yoga. Flexibility is a goal not a prerequisite.


A yoga practice is exercise and can be a total body workout. Yoga, especially with the Vinyasa style of yoga, can help you increase strength and endurance and improve muscle tone.


You can reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood through a yoga practice and the breathing techniques you use in both yoga and meditation. Meditation can help calm the mind and ultimately reduce stress.


A Duke University Medical Center study showed that yoga is an effective treatment for chronic pain. Have neck or back pain? You can reduce neck and back pain with a regular yoga practice.


Studies have shown that yoga may reduce blood pressure along with slowing the resting heart rate.


A 2006 study found yoga students lowered cholesterol levels and improved circulation with a regular yoga practice.


Yoga can increase lung capacity. Practicing deeper breaths can benefit the respiratory system and the entire body.


Want a better night’s sleep? Yoga can reduce the stress that keeps you up at night.


There's a lot of data out there from studies how yoga can enhance your sexual function and experience.


There are dozens of other benefits that you may realize from a regular yoga practice.