Yoga OMazing Class Descriptions


icon-leaf_@2x Vinyasa-Based Yoga

Vinyasa Level 1- Basics

This class is a slower-paced vinyasa practice that explores the basics of alignment and breath with an emphasis

on transitions. Linking breath with movement, your basics classes will help you practice flowing into and out of

poses and setting you on a confident path to a Level 1.5 class.


Vinyasa Level 1.5

As you mindfully integrate movement and breath, Vinyasa Level 1.5 will take you through sun salutations with a fun,

invigorating style along with a variety of advanced postures Build strength, endurance and flexibility while connecting

the mind with the body to help relieve stress and anxiety. Aimed at the seasoned beginner who has Level 1 experience

and intermediate practitioners who are all ready to expand their yoga world. This class will be your bridge between

Vinyasa Level 1 and Level 2.


Vinyasa Level 2

Take your practice further with a continuation of Level 1 and 1.5 principles and practices and challenge yourself to

advanced postures such as back bends, inversions and other challenging standing and seated postures. Aimed at the

intermediate practitioner with an established practice and a working knowledge of the basics.


Sunrise Vinyasa

Our Vinyasa Level 1.5 class is amped up here into a morning Power Flow. Music in Power Flow will get you energized

for the day as the sun pours over the West Hills and into the classroom!


icon-leaf_@2x Hot Yoga

Warm Vinyasa Level 1.5

Same format as Vinyasa Level 1.5 with a slightly heated room typically running approximately 80 degrees.


Warm Vinyasa Level 2.0

Same format as Vinyasa Level 2.0 with a slightly heated room typically running approximately 80 degrees.


Vinyasa Hot Power 1.5

Same format as Vinyasa Level 1.5 with a heated room typically running 85 to 90 degrees.


Happy Hot Power Hour!

Punch out early on Friday and come join us for Happy Hot Power Hour with a Vinyasa Hot Power 1.5 class.  This class

sells for $12 as a drop-in or use any current class package to attend.



icon-leaf_@2x Other Yoga Styles


Our Hatha class is designed to guide you to unfold into relaxation, wellness, flexibility, strength, and comfort in

the body and mind.  We will move through postures to harmonious music in a non-competitive and supportive

environment.  Hatha is a great class to learn proper alignment of postures in and also to take time to connect

with ourselves as we move slowly through the postures.  This class is suitable for beginners as well as any level

of student.


Candlelight Hatha and Meditation

This class begins with 50 minutes of yoga postures, followed by 5 to 10 minutes of meditation.  The instructor will

guide the students into and out of the meditation, and will provide explanation and tips on how to meditate prior

to the start of meditation.  This class is designed to guide us to unfold into relaxation, wellness, flexibility,

strength and comfort in the body and mind.  We will move through the yoga postures to harmonious music in a non-

competitive and supportive environment. This class is suitable for beginners as well as any level of student.


Gentle Yoga

A gentle and therapeutic practice for seniors or anyone seeking a slower, therapeutic yoga practice.

Suitable for those recovering from injuries or illness or who are in need of a gentle and relaxing practice.  The class

blends restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga and breath work.  Students will stretch and strengthen the

entire body as a way to support a strong and healthy system inside and out. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea

after class.


Restorative Lounge

Want to bliss-out after a hectic weekend or start to the new week? Set a peaceful tone in our

Restorative Lounge. This class is a great way to relax and rejuvenate the body! Gently stretch and move in ways

that encourage healing. Improve range of motion, joint mobility and reduce the effects of stress with this gentle

alignment based practice. Special attention is paid to the structural nature of poses so your body can naturally realign

itself in healthy patterns. Appropriate for all levels.


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga classes at Yoga OMazing are taught Sundays by Mandy Whatley-Williams, a Certified Yoga



Yoga is perfect for managing all the physical, emotional, hormonal, mental, relationship, and lifestyle changes. These

classes are designed to meet your ever-changing needs in all stages of pregnancy. Yoga can help you alleviate the

discomforts of nausea, constipation, swelling, back pain, sciatica, and so many other things you’re struggling with.

Even better, yoga can help you reduce all that stress and anxiety. Good for you, good for baby!


You’ll build strength, connect with other women sharing your journey and prepare for birth and the transition to

motherhood. These classes are appropriate for all experience levels. Start any time!


Prenatal Yoga is in our special class category and can be purchased online in Retail under the Workshops,

Series &  Events tab. Buy a 6 or 12-Class Package or as a single class.


Buti Yoga

Buti, in Indian Marathi, means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.”This practice is a high-intensity

fusion of yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics. Classes combine cardio, strength training and flexibility in one

seamless format. Buti creates a strong, empowered group that resembles a tribe. Students (aka Butisattvas) stay

committed to the practice and are very supportive of one another. Join the tribe and thrive! Taught by a certified

Buti Yoga instructor. Ok for the beginner with a reasonable fitness level.


Yin Yoga Hour

An excellent practice to compliment more active forms of yoga and excercise.  Yin offers deeper access to the body by

moderate stretching of the connective tissues….the tendons, the fascia (structure of connective tissue) and the ligaments,

all aimed to increase joint circulation and improve flexibility.  A slower paced, relaxing class class where poses are held for

extended durations.  This class is suitable for beginners, as well as any level of student.