The Hindu Goddess Kali

With Mandy Whatley-Williams

Kali is a Warrior Goddess known to destroy the ego. Join Mandy for an evening of movement, breath and sound as we explore the dual nature of the archetype of the Hindu Goddess, Kali.

In Mandy’s experience, Kali is both a fierce warrior and a nurturing mother. She is known to destroy the ego and remove blockages from your life so that you may honor your most authentic self. In this practice, we will explore her nature by beginning with a fiery asana practice that will ignite our inner warrior and ending with a nurturing yin practice to soothe the soul.

To relax even more deeply, Mandy will play the crystal singing bowl during Savasana. This workshop is an all levels yoga practice and is open to any and all genders.

March 9, 2019

Join Mandy for this Special Workshop

Workshop Details


March 9, 2019


7:15 pm to 8:45 pm


Mandy Whatley-Williams


$25 early bird sale; $30 day of workshop


Yoga mat, bottled water; yoga mats are available for rent for $2