Sydney Proya


Hatha, Vinyasa

Sydney loves helping students to facilitate self discovery through their practice. After years of dedicated practice, she began teaching daily vinyasa and deep relaxation classes in college when there was no one to take over the student run yoga program. The program soon reached new heights and came to include a weekly yoga circle for students to explore and discuss their practice on and off the mat together for deeper philosophical understanding.

She loves inspiring fellow students find balance and take care of themselves in the midst of taxing schedules.

Sydney went on to work at an acupuncture and wellness center for several years providing supplemental treatments and guiding clients through lifestyle changes that would further support their healing process. The commitment and progress of her students and clients inspired her to take on teaching regularly as part of her career.

Sydney believes that yoga is daily medicine for the mind-body-spirit and is honored to be apart of her students' dedication to themselves and their well being. She often incorporates aroma therapy, breathing exercises, guided meditations, self massage and light energy work in her classes to help students explore new dimensions of their practice.

"Practice love until you remember that you are love"

Swami Sai Premananda