Stephanie Paley


Hatha, Vinyasa

When Stephanie started practicing yoga in 2001, she instantly fell in love with it. She was calmer, less anxious, more flexible and coordinated and had less pain. Yoga has been her companion through many life transitions and she’s very grateful to share her love of yoga with others as a teacher having gotten her 200-hour certification through Yoga Bhoga in Portland.

Yoga has given Stephanie a greater sense of purpose for connecting her mind/body. The practice offers her integration with breath, calmness of mind and ease in her own skin. It has strengthened her endurance inside and out. She appreciates the time spent on her mat knowing the investment directly improves her relationships and personal growth.

Whether she’s teaching slow Hatha or Vinyasa flow, she aspires to bring kindness, compassion, and grounding energy. She wants to remind her students to feel empowered, make no comparisons and be in the present moment no matter what. She encourages students to feel relaxed, light hearted and curious. Through the exploration of philosophy, anatomy, and asana - yoga takes shape.

Stephanie has also been a massage therapist since 2001 and her other interests include Argentine Tango, AcroYoga, and knitting.

"Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are"

Jason Crandell