Private Yoga Sessions

Personalized Yoga

Private yoga sessions, one-on-one with one of our teachers, can provide you with a personalized class devoted to your goals for a yoga practice. Maybe you are new to yoga and want a bit of guidance before trying a group class.

Physical and emotional pain can take a heavy toll on our well being. Yoga can help provide relief. We will help you develop a personalized practice of yoga with breathing and meditation that can help you deal with pain.

Private sessions and our beautiful classroom provide an environment of peace, serenity and healing along this part of your journey.

Please call us with any questions you may have about private yoga instruction. We're here to help you.

Private Yoga Sessions

Private and personalized sessions

icon-leaf_@2x Private Yoga Offerings

xxxxxli-custom-image  Working one-on-one with a yoga teacher in private

xxxxxli-custom-image  Starting your own yoga practice

xxxxxli-custom-image  Working on specific areas of your yoga practice

xxxxxli-custom-image  Personalized yoga therapy, pranayama (breathing) and meditation sessions

xxxxxli-custom-image  Back and neck pain relief

xxxxxli-custom-image  Stress, anxiety and depression relief

xxxxxli-custom-image  Yoga following completion of your sessions with your physical therapist

xxxxxli-custom-image  Prenatal and postpartum yoga

xxxxxli-custom-image  Pain relief for other areas of the body

xxxxxli-custom-image  Other areas where a student wants to advance their yoga practice



icon-leaf_@2x Private Yoga Costs & Highlights

xxxxxli-custom-image  $100 for initial assessment and session- 90 minutes

xxxxxli-custom-image  $80 for additional sessions- 60 minutes

xxxxxli-custom-image  $375 for 5-pack of additional sessions- 60 minutes

xxxxxli-custom-image  Prices above are for 1 person; call for quote on 2 people or more

xxxxxli-custom-image  Personalized home practice recommendations

xxxxxli-custom-image  Insurance not accepted for sessions- copies of session receipts provided