Nutritional Wellness

Clean Eating

Clean eating and plant-based diets are terms used often here at Yoga OMazing. Our studio owner has been a vegetarian for 28 years. And Monica Walker, our nutritionist, brought her clean eating philosophy to our community.

Maybe you've been curious about a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Or maybe you want to explore what a gluten-free, dairy-free or soy-free diet would be like and how each of these dietary lifestyles can improve your health and improve your life.

We do not, nor will we ever, associate ourselves with any marketing companies or products that promote the "miracle in a bottle" or a "silver bullet" (pill) of sorts. We're just here to share knowledge and hopefully inspire our community to consider a "clean eating', healthy "real food" way of life.

Nutritional Wellness Plans

Starts with assessment of current dietary habits and follows with nutritional wellness plans designed and implemented for optimal health

Step 1

The first meeting with our nutritionist will include an assessment of your current dietary habits and evaluation of all meals and snacks consumed during a typical week. Based on your current health status and goals, your nutritionist will make recommendations to move you toward greater health.

Step 2

Based on your goals and any dietary recommendations from your doctor, your nutritionist will create a personalized Nutritional Wellness Plan that includes a customized meal plan and resources for support and encouragement. A list of steps will outline the foods that should end up in your shopping cart and ultimately to the dinner table.

Step 3

Over the course of the 3 months, you will meet with your nutritionist to discuss your personal progress in the Nutritional Wellness Plan and keep you motivated toward your goals. Exercise and nutritional goals will be reviewed for maximum results.

Nutritional Wellness Starter*

$220/1-Month Plan
  • Initial 60-minute consultation
  • Two 30-minute progress visits

Nutritional Wellness + Yoga*

$340/1-Month Plan
  • Includes Nutritional Wellness Starter
  • Includes 1-Month Unlimited Yoga

3-Month Wellness + Yoga Plan*

  • Includes Nutritional Wellness Starter
  • Six 30-minute progress visits + unlimited yoga

Extra Services

  • Extra Months with Nutritionist..…$125/month (includes 2 sessions at 30 minutes each)
  • 2-hour Kitchen Makeover….$140
  • 1-Hour Guided Nutritional Grocery Store Tour….$75
  • Corporate Wellness Programs…..Call the studio for information and quotes

*Rate Notes & Other Information

  1. Progress visits outlined above are visits with your nutritionist.
  2. The 3-Month Wellness + Yoga Plan is charged by the month but a 3-month minimum is required.
  3. There is no substitute for health care from a professional such as a physician or naturopath. We do not provide these services.
  4. Unlimited yoga in these plans is for all regular classes and does not include Prenatal Yoga or other special classes, workshops or events.