Lee Ann McHale

Lee Ann

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lee Ann has loved being a Massage Therapist more than anything else. Her introduction to massage is unique in that her first teacher was blind, whose emphasis was on the felt experience rather than the visual. He taught each student to “see” as he did by dimming the room lights to feel deeply into each contour: the muscle…the ligament…the tendon… and the fascia. His extraordinary teaching left a profound impact on developing her own style. She discovered a natural affinity for the healing arts, and this passion has stayed with her some 30+ years later.

Lee Ann’s work is intuitive and incorporates many different modalities such as therapeutic massage, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, sports massage, myofascial, Thai massage, essential oil therapies and advanced energy techniques.

More than any modality, it is the wisdom and experience gathered from her own healing quest and spiritual journey that is her heart’s offering. Many years of personal spiritual clearing work allows her to hold a clear, compassionate, reverent, loving space of “BEing with” the other.

Her presence can serve as a catalyst for the client’s inner work. Physical touch combined with intention and breath provides external support for a state of wellness and wholeness. Clients often report a reduction in pain and tension levels replaced by a heightened sense of well being.

Lee Ann is passionate about the simple things: nature, animals, Kindness, healthy food, essential oils, learning, and anything that is Divine, true and beautiful. She is excited to be part of this beautiful community and would be honored to support you.