Joy Marsalla



Joy Marsalla is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200-hour training at YoYoYogi in Spring 2017 in Portland, Oregon. She has taught volunteer classes for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Society of Women Engineers, and had a regular class at the Intel Jones Farm fitness centers before joining Yoga OMazing.

Joy's passion for movement started as a child. She was an avid ballet dancer, on track to make it her professional career. Dance was her happy place, and she'd spend tens of hours each week in technique and performance classes, with yoga and pilates sprinkled in for strength and stretching. However, the constant strain on her body caused it to break down, and Joy spent high school going through four surgeries (both knees, and both ankles) to fix the damage. It took years of physical therapy and practice, but she was able to gain back full most functions (except ballet...).

It wasn't until college when life became hectic and stressful that Joy re-discovered yoga for it's mindful and spiritual aspects, along with the physical asana. This journey has shown her the value in using movement for physical health, as well as creating a vibrant yoga community for mental resiliency. With her history, she is especially driven to support the healthy connection between mind and body, and to focus on movement as a way to heal and prevent pain. She values continuing education and always appreciates feedback from students. In her classes, you'll always find a thought or theme to apply in your daily life!