Jordan Vigil



Jordan has practiced yoga for many years. On recent travels she became more in tune with finding her flow. After being away for two years and arriving back home, she realized this was something she wanted to do.

Jordan finished a 200 RYT in April 2018 and is also also certified in BUTI Yoga and Hot BUTI Yoga. She focused a lot on BUTI and it impacted her life in an amazing way.

She found BUTI Yoga in 2014. She always had been an active person with running, hiking, yoga and soccer. Her best friend’s mom knew she loved to dance and was invited to this new yoga class. When she first said the name, like everyone, I thought it was “booty”, I was on board with any class that can build my booty. It wasn’t until my first class that I realized it was “BUTI” which means “to cure something that has been hidden or kept secret”.

The first class she went to she fell in love. She felt accepted and loved. The energy in the room was like no other. This practice was what Jordan needed, not only for her body but for her soul.

Jordan had been going through some things, constantly reminding herself she wasn’t good enough. So when BUTI came into her life it showed her how to love herself again and to accept the body that she has. Slowly that mean girl in her head started to say “you are strong”, “you are beautiful”, “you are amazing”.

BUTI has transformed Jordan’s mind and body and she found self love and that was the moment things changed. She became an instructor to help women and men see that your body is capable of so much and that it’s ok to love yourself.