Japanese Tea Ceremony

Stephanie Wilson is your host for this special event. She makes the connection where both tea and yoga were historically used as meditation preparation and support.

Stephanie, wearing a kimono, hosts this traditional Japanese tea ceremony and demonstration and is held mostly in silence. She will ask for two volunteers to enjoy the traditional sweet and drink the tea. After the demonstration, she makes more tea and provides samples to everyone who wants to try, while answering questions of the guests.

The intention of the ceremony is to find unity (union, yoga) between guest, host and the uniqueness of this moment that will never happen again (Ichigo Ichie). It's a practice of being present.

Guests can wear comfortable clothing (yoga clothes are fine). We'll have blankets and bolsters for sitting comfort. You may bring a yoga mat as well for added comfort. Bring a friend!

About Stephanie...

Stephanie Wilson's love of tea was nurtured while enjoying tea parties with her grandmothers as a child. She has been studying tea in its many manifestations for over twenty years, and the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) for seven. Like ballet or yoga, the study of Chanoyu can be a life-long endeavor. She studies Chanoyu through the Issoan Tea School. She writes a blog about tea, Steph's Cup of Tea, and shares tea-related things on Instagram at Stephwtea.

Stephanie also works as a Diversity & Inclusion advocate at Intel Corp, and shares her life with Tom Wilson, a regular presence at Yoga Omazing.

Stephanie is grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest, where there are many opportunities to learn about tea culture. If you enjoy tea, you may be interested in Tea Fest PDX, on July 20th at the World Forestry Center.

June 29th

Join Stephanie for this traditional tea ceremony; Bring a friend!

Event Details


June 29th


1:30 pm to 2:30 pm


Stephanie Wilson


$5 Each


Wear comfortable clothing such as yoga attire


Available for use in the classroom...blankets and bolsters