Moon Circle

A Monthly Workshop With Katy Nicholls

Join us for Moon Circle, a new monthly offering hosted by Katy Nicholls.

Moon Circle, a new monthly offering hosted by Katy. Each month we will focus on a topic in the realm of the energetic body, self empowerment, and spiritual growth. Katy will offer a teaching, followed by an opportunity for everyone to share their experiences as related to the monthly topic. We will close with an intention setting ceremony!

March's topic is The Healing Power of Gratitude.

In this moon gathering, we will explore using gratitude as a tool to help us complete challenging patterns in life. In order to heal our patterns, we must engage with them from a place of absolute security. You wouldn’t attempt to soothe a screaming child by screaming back at him/her, or by shutting her in a closet. Just so, we cannot heal our inner wounds by becoming frustrated at ourselves or avoiding/numbing.

When we come with gratitude, understanding, and love, we show the pattern we are safe - which is all it wanted in the first place! Gratitude is the only true healing tonic! We will discuss and practice real life examples from within the circle.

Come as a volunteer, ready to share and work through a pattern that you want to clear in real time; or, watch the process and learn this valuable skill that you can take home and use in your own life.

Open to all level of student.

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March 23, 2019

Join Katy for this Monthly Workshop

Workshop Details


March 23, 2019


7:30 pm to 8:45 pm


Katy Nicholls




No yoga mat required. Optional (not required) is a writing journal. Bottled drinking water if you care to bring.