Connecting to the Chakras

A Workshop With Christine Day

The Chakras are 7 centers of power that have been studied and explored since ancient times.

As we deepen our knowledge of the Chakra system we’ll learn how to recognize our own imbalances and use daily practical methods so we can regulate from within. We can make the most of these powerful energies and discover more vitality in our everyday lives.

Recognize how each Chakra looks in us and how we can identify blocks and over abundances in our personal Chakra system. We will discuss each Chakra and expand on what typical blocks or over abundances look like in our daily lives.. Students will have an opportunity to share personal experiences if they choose. We’ll create a Chakra Road Map to help notice when the blocks/abundances occur and and how we can find a deeper sense of harmony.
Lean into yoga postures and Breathing techniques that can shift blocks and abundances in our Chakra system. Utilizing a variety of yoga postures for all skill levels, and breathing techniques that are specifically designed to balance the Chakra system, students will feel first hand how shifts can occur through movement of body and energy. We’ll leave with a Chakra Tool Kit of practices to feel more vitality and balance and we can get them into a healthy daily rhythm.

Find simple shifts to feel more connected to our Chakras and how they can lead us to finding harmony everyday. Using ideas and methods that we’ll call Practical Wisdom, we will discover some easy daily habit shifts that can help us balance our Chakra system and therefore feel more harmonious in our lives. These are small practical steps that can be worked into a busy schedule and still give us effective results in building health. Students will be able to implement these habit shifts immediately and with continued practice they can be life changing.

December 7th

A workshop to expand your yoga knowledge

The Details


December 7, 2019


1:00 to 3:30 pm


Christine Day


$35 advanced purchase/$40 day of workshop


Yoga mat, bottled water and a writing journal or notebook
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