Claire Wilde


Prenatal Yoga, Restorative

Claire found yoga after a spinal fusion surgery at age 12 left her feeling hopelessly disconnected from her body. Linking breath with movement, exploring her body’s abilities, and getting comfortable with its limitations allowed her to come back home to herself. She delights in holding space for other people’s explorations of their own unique body-minds, and her classes are relaxing, meditative, and deeply nourishing.

She fell in love with childbirth after watching her nephew come into the world. Claire is a certified labor doula through Birthingway College of Midwifery, and has attended over 20 births. She believes that pregnancy is a beautiful time to begin or deepen a yoga practice, and she loves witnessing the incredible inner work facilitated by the physical experiences of childbirth and yoga asana practice. She is passionate about companioning her clients and students through those transformations, helping them feel at home in their bodies, their births, and their lives as new parents.

Claire completed her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Shana Celnicker-Chong at The Bhaktishop in March 2017. She completed her 200-hour Teacher Training in March 2016 at Sellwood Yoga, and she completed her Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Annie Kobliska-Becker and Rosey Wyland in 2013. She loves doing yoga with children, families, and people in any stage of the childbearing year.

"Over and over, I've seen parents turn to the tools of yoga during labor--usually without even knowing it. Breathing through each contraction, staying present with the sensations of labor, trying to get the mind and body to work as a team...that's yoga."