Amy Harris


Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative

Prior to teaching yoga, Amy specialized in science as a school teacher/science curriculum coordinator for grades K-8, with degrees in Education and Human Development. Her background in education and a love of yoga eventually led her to her first yoga teacher training in 1999. She is a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance (RYT), Core Power Yoga, Yogafit, and is a certified group exercise instructor with AFFA.

Amy's background in education and science has also given her an interest in teaching anatomy and the benefits of the yoga postures, so students can appreciate the value of the pose they are participating in. She particularly enjoys the process of teaching the breakdown and buildup of poses, providing variations that instill understanding and confidence.

Amy’s intention is to cultivate a yoga experience that is enjoyable and respects individuality, allowing students to honor their own unique needs and inner wisdom. She is grateful to her students for sharing their practice with her, and to yoga for its ability to therapeutically improve health, comfort, patience, strength, athletic ability, and peace of mind. She teaches a wide range of yoga classes including vinyasa, basic, yin, power, and restorative yoga.

"Yoga is a wonderful adventure in which we can have fun challenging and nurturing ourselves without expectations and judgment. Along the way, as we learn to find gratitude for these simple comforts, we also develop more tolerance and compassion for the world around us. This shift in attitude naturally leads us to a happier, healthier, more peaceful life."