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A Vinyasa Workshop With Jill Baker

Jill Baker shines a light on your Sun Salutations with this workshop series that slows down your Vinyasa practice to refine some common yoga poses. Let her help you work yourself into these Vinyasa poses.

We come to yoga for relief from many of life's ailments. When practiced with proper alignment, yoga can build strength and create more freedom and ease in the mind body and spirit. But all too often daily stresses. trauma or injury cause us to disconnect with our bodies.

This can create unbalanced and inefficient movement patterns in the body, which can increase tension, strain and injury instead of relieving it. With mindful and creative movement, we'll feel what it is like to truly present in our bodies and break down common yoga poses that helps keep our bodies safe, supple and strong.

These classes are great for those newer to yoga as well as those with experience under their belts.

Working into Wheel: March 9th- Wheel or Urdhva Dhanurasana, is a deep backbend that was probably accessible to you as a child. As we age we lose some of that natural flexibility and mobility. We will work on opening the front body and strengthening the back as we work towards this uplifting heart-opener.

About Jill- click on the link below.

Alignment Lab Workshop March 9th

Join Jill for this comprehensive Wheel Pose Workshop

Workshop Details


March 9th


1:30 pm to 3:00 pm


Jill Baker




Yoga mat. Bottled water & hand towel come in handy as well.


Manduka mats are available for purchase in our retail shop or you may rent for $2