5-Week Beginners Series

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This 5-Week Beginner Yoga Series is designed to take away the worries about your first yoga class and make your introduction to yoga an enjoyable experience.

You'll learn what yoga is, where it came from, how to start your practice and how it can impact your life.

After the series you'll qualify to purchase our $49 Introductory Month of Yoga.

This series is for the absolute beginner or the student somewhat new to yoga that wants a deeper introduction.

Next Series Begins February 22, 2020

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February 22, 2019


12 noon each week on Saturday for 5 weeks; a 1-hour class


Lyndsay Mansfield


$85 for the entire 5-week series


Yoga mat. Bottled water & hand towel come in handy as well.


Manduka mats are available for purchase in our retail shop; attendees of our Beginners Series get 10% off yoga mats purchased by the 1st day of the series


icon-leaf_@2x Series Schedule

Week 1

We’ll introduce you to the Yoga OMazing classroom and start you on your yoga journey. Each week of this

series you will be introduced to parts of the 8 limbs of yoga.  The 8 limbs, from ancient texts often credited

for the philosophy in yoga, present practices in life used to lead a fulfilling and healthy existence.

This first week you will learn some of the ancient history of yoga. A lot has happened in the thousands of

years since yoga became a daily practice in India. You will learn how the mind, body and breath work together

in unison to form what a yoga practice can mean to you. The different props often used in the classroom will

be introduced and you’ll be shown common uses for them.  After a warm-up, yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama

(breathing) will be introduced, including some basic seated and standing poses, including Sun Salutation A.


Week 2

The importance of the breath continues to be emphasized in Week 2.  You will be introduced to more standing

poses including Warrior I and Warrior II. Balancing poses are also introduced. Body alignment, a critical aspect

to a yoga practice, will continue to be emphasized.


Week 3

You will learn poses that strengthen the back and improve flexibility in the spine. Twisting postures and Sun

Salutation B are introduced in this third week of the series. You’ll go more deeply into breathing techniques

you can use in your yoga practice and in daily life.


Week 4

At the very core, Sun Salutations are the basic sequence of postures in yoga. You will practice the entire sequence

combining Sun Salutations A and B.  Heart opening poses are a focus in Week 4 and a meditative finish to this

class will combine breathing and other techniques to help calm the mind.


Week 5

In this final week of the series, you will apply many of the things you’ve learned in the previous weeks and practice

a basic asana flow. The flow will introduce you to the experience you will get in a Vinyasa class at Yoga OMazing.

You’ll also learn about the different yoga class styles offered at the studio and this will give you a chance to ask any

final questions about yoga and our classes.